The club has always tried to support and encourage its members to develop their fencing skills and knowledge. If you’ve spotted a course that might be helpful to you and the club and would like to apply for financial assistance to attend, the club may consider funding it in full or in part if:

  1. You can show that by taking the course it will benefit the club. So, for example: How would this course benefit the club? Does the club need one or more of its members to have the skills the course will provide? Does the club already have enough members who have these skills?
  2. You are willing to commit to using the skills you have learned on the course to the benefit the club. So, for example: if you undertake a coaching course, are you willing to take part in beginner’s classes and / or work with the club coaches to provide specific coaching to members? Would the course enable you to undertake a role or tasks the club requires e.g. by taking a BF welfare course?

If you can meet both of these criteria, to start with please discuss what you would like to do with the Club Coach. Providing the coach supports this, the club committee will decide how much it is able to provide towards supporting your learning.

This policy is only intended to support fully paid up club members.